Week Two: September 17th & 19th

This week in seminar, we compared the definition of ‘curriculum’ as defined by groups in our lecture in contrast to a definition of ‘curriculum’ formed by Elementary Education students in a previous semester. One major difference about the two classes definitions is that this semesters ECS 210 students (majority of them in the Secondary Ed. program) spoke more about what is ‘curriculum’, as opposed to the other semester’s definition which spoke of how curriculum is used in relation to students. Below is the core definition of ‘curriculum’ that was created this semesters ECS 210 class:

“Curriculum includes multiple documents from the ministry of education that are mandated. These documents form the fundamental basis for teaching and provide a framework or guideline for what should be taught including outcomes and indicators for learning”

As you can see, the definition speaks towards what is curriculum and how it is used as teachers. The difference between this definition and the other class’s definition, is that their definition spoke about how curriculum affects students and student experiences.

I found it very interesting how the Elementary Ed. semester’s definition put the students first, where as the Secondary Ed. semester’s definition was a lot more straight forward towards curriculum itself.

Could this mean that Elementary Ed. students come from a more caring background where they consider how students are impacted or effected? Or that Secondary Ed. students understand the curriculum itself better and how it is implemented as teachers? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!


About Adam Brock

My name is Adam Brock and I am a third year student at the University of Regina! I am currently in the Secondary Education Program, with plans to major in Mathematics and minor in Outdoor and Physical Education. I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and look forward to travelling after my years at the U of R.

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