Smartboards! Tech Task #9

A couple weeks ago ECMP355 had class face-to-face as we were learning about all about Smartboards. We were split up into groups of 4 and we were to create a slide for each of the following simple Smartboard tools/actions:
1. Move to reveal
2. Erase to reveal
3. Change colour to reveal
4. Order of objects
5. Spotlight tool
6. Table tool
7. Identify and label
8. Pull tabs
9. Infinite cloner
10. Dual page display

Rebecca, Hillary, Leanne and I worked together on the project and while we were working on it, I was surprised by something. It was actually FUN to LEARN how to make these slides! Yes, I just used the word FUN and LEARN together in the same sentence. The four of us came up with some very creative ideas and sort of learnt what to do as we went. When we had a problem, we either figured out how to fix it or worked our way around it. When we finished we joined the other groups and then each group presented their slides. I thought that this was even more fun! It was cool to see the different ways each group approached the same tool/action.

This lead to this weeks tech task: Finding 2 or 3 Smartboard activities or plans you could use with the Saskatchewan Curriculum. The first thing I thought of was finding an activity or plan that could be used in the grade 6-8 numeracy class or grade 3-5 physical education class at Arcola School, where I am pre-interning. The numeracy class has recently been working on fractions, decimals, and percentages. I went to Smart Exchange (a site for finding lesson plans and activities to use on a Smartboard) and was able to find this great lesson activity: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents. I don’t think anything would have to be changed in the slides as it suits what they have been learning exactly. Some of the questions on slide 7 might be too difficult for some of the students though, so there may have to be some changes on there to make it a little easier.

For the grade 3-5 p.e. class, I was able to find this lesson activity on The Food Pyramid. I think that this lesson is a good way to teach kids about nutrition, and is a great physical education activity to do inside the classroom as opposed to in the gym. After all, physical education is a lot more than kids running around in the gym.


About Adam Brock

My name is Adam Brock and I am a third year student at the University of Regina! I am currently in the Secondary Education Program, with plans to major in Mathematics and minor in Outdoor and Physical Education. I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and look forward to travelling after my years at the U of R.

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  1. Thanks for posting the list of effects that we covered! You guys did a great job!

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