Tech Task #5 Video

Hey guys, below is the video that Stacey, Rebecca and I recorded last Wednesday together. My internet hasn’t been working at my house so I haven’t been able to do as much blogging and commenting as I wanted to this week. It should be working by Thursday, fingers crossed. I’ll find a place to go online for our webinar tomorrow night.

This week’s Tech Task was to create a video on Becoming a Teacher lasting no longer than one minute. After swift thought and creation, we had six shots and a video produced within an hour. Might I add that it was my first time using iMovie, which was a learning process of its own to say the least. But, we figured it out with some help from Dean and were able to come up with a finished project! Check it out below.


About Adam Brock

My name is Adam Brock and I am a third year student at the University of Regina! I am currently in the Secondary Education Program, with plans to major in Mathematics and minor in Outdoor and Physical Education. I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and look forward to travelling after my years at the U of R.

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  1. I’d say thats a pretty amazing video for the first time using IMovie. IMovie is confusing for me at times even though I have used it for my CPT classes in high school and we actually learned about it and how to use it.. So good job!

  2. Thanks Jennie. One of the main things we were having problems with was the volume of the shots. In the shot were Stacey was talking we couldn’t hear her, so Dean showed us how to increase the volume of the clip to 500% and then we could hear her loud and clear! I wouldn’t have known that you could even do that if it wasn’t for him.

  3. Great job! I used the Windows Live Movie Maker and found it very user friendly. I haven’t gone to the dark side of the Macs, yet! LOL

  4. Haha this is my first Mac, it’s the Macbook Air. I got it just before school started this summer and have been getting more used to it by the day.

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